Erik Wofford is a producer/engineer in Austin, TX. He started his long twisted career at McCallum High School in Austin, playing in several bands and hanging out at local studios instead of doing the things normal kids do.  While obtaining a geology degree at The University of Texas, he spent most of his time at student radio station KVRX.  Erik was a DJ for four years, ran the Local Live program for three years(in which he engineered over 110 recordings!), and helped coordinate three compilation discs. During this time, he played in minimalist/ambient music project Water Falls with fellow KVRX alum John Barker, playing several AMODA showcases, as well as an art installation using the multi-zoned sound system of an Olympic-sized swimming pool. He also started his own microphone business, Stapes Audio, with KVRX'er Brad Avenson. These two different experiences led Erik to a deeper understanding of  unconventional musical ideas as well a technical knowledge of how to make and customize his own equipment. Later, Erik and John went on to run label Christmas Mountains, helping out bands such as The Black and For Those Who Know.

After graduating college in 2002, Erik moved into local studio Cacophony Recorders, working with the consummate Darwin Smith. He slowly started building his career, starting with local instrumental group Explosions In The Sky. As time went by, more people discovered the recording haven on the banks of the Colorado River. With its twenty foot ceilings, huge windows overlooking the river valley and wide open space, it's no surprise that some of Austin's best bands decide to call Cacophony home.

Erik has become a one stop shop of everything that is needed to make a band sound good, enlisting the trust of many local bands to develop their sonic statement. Sometimes viewed as the extra invisible member, Erik provides creative production advice, a keen ear for interesting sounds, a forte for mixing and mastering and even occasionally running live sound for a band. In 2006, 2007 and 2008, Erik was nominated as producer of the year by Austin Chronicle music critics and won #4 producer of the year in 2006 in the Austin Chronicle Reader's Poll. Cacophony Recorders has made the top twelve studios list in Austin three years running for the Austin American Statesman.

Selected Discography:
The Black Angels “Passover” and “Directions To See A Ghost” Co-P, E, M

Voxtrot “Raised By Wolves” and “Mothers, Sisters, Daughters and Wives” Co-P, E, M

Snowden “Anti-Anti” Co-P, E, M

The Octopus Project “One, Ten, Thousand, Million”, “Hello Avalanche!” and "Golden Beds" E, M

What Made Milwaukee Famous “What Doesn’t Kill Us” E, M

Brothers And Sisters, “LP II” E, M

Til We’re Blue Or Destroy “This Train” P, E, M, Mstr

White Denim "Fits" M

Black And White Years "Nursery Myths" E, M