Selected List of Equipment

Mixing Console:
  • Sound Workshop Series 34C
  • Monitor Section upgrade by Greg Klinginsmith
  • Transformer balanced discrete summing amp by Purple Audio
  • 32 channels designed by ex-api engineers
  • Console originally came from Avast! Recording Company in Seattle. Built to Spill, Soundgarden, and many other Sub Pop bands worked on it. Later, it was used for Damien Jurado and Pedro the Lion records.
  • Barefoot MM27 Micromains
  • Rythmik F15HP Sub
  • Yamaha NS10M w/ Hafler P3000 Amp
  • Avantone Microcube Pair
  • Headphones by Beyerdynamic, and Remote Audio
  • Furman HDS-6 Headphone Distribution
  • 7 HR-6 Personal Headphone Mixing Stations
  • Main Monitoring Headphone Amp by Grace M902
  • Various consumer speakers, boombox and line to car
Acoustic Treatment:
  • Over 30 Real Traps Bass Traps
  • Medium Sized Iso Booth by
  • 2 Separate Iso Booths Wired for Amps
Recording Formats:
  • Otari MTR 90 mkII 2" 24 Track Tape Machine
  • Pro Tools HD2
  • Lynx Aurora Conversion (40 i/o)
  • Digidesign Sync I/O able to Sync Pro Tools and Tape
  • Black Lion Micro Clock MKIII
  • Mytek Brooklyn ADC & DAC Master Converter
  • Universal Audio 2192 Master Converter
  • Otari MTR 10 ¼” 2 Track Tape Machine
  • Apple Mac Pro 2.66GHz Quad Core
  • 8G of RAM, 1.5TB HD Space, 2 Monitors
  • Numerous Plug-Ins by Universal Audio, Chandler Limited, Lexicon, Sony Oxford, Soundtoys, Massey, URS, Antares, Drumagog, etc.
Mic Pre's:
  • Chandler Limited EMI Channel Mic Pre/EQ (2)
  • AML EZ1073 Mic Pre/EQ (4)
  • API 3124 Mic Pre (4)
  • CAPI VP28 Mic Pre (4)
  • Hairball Audio Lola Mic Pre (2)
  • Hairball Audio Bronze Mic Pre (2)
  • Telefunken V72 Tube Mic Pre (2)
  • Dizengoff Audio D4 Tube Mic Pre (2)
  • Retro Inst. Powerstrip Tube Mic Pre/EQ/Comp (2)
Direct Boxes:
  • Little Labs PCP Instrument Distro/Reamp
  • Little Labs STD Cable Extender
  • Little Labs Redeye Passive DI/Reamp
  • Avalon U5 DI
  • A Designs Reddi tube DI
  • Radial JDI
  • Various passive di’s
Effects Pedals: